Combine solder being eradicated!

LOL …Hmmm where did I get the model for the shooter? …LOL

Hope I didn’t post this in the wrong place. It is technically a Gmod screen.

…I wasn’t really happy with the bullet impacts on the Combine solder’s chest, but oh well.

As always criticism is more than welcome

Well this is new

And I like it

Well thank you :slight_smile:

Work more on your blood and muzzleflash editing.

Also , the guy doesn’t fit , and if he was a model i wouldn’t want it. :v:


Far too much caps and sarcasm.

the combine looks like he’s made out of sand or something

plus what’s a shotgunner doing with an smg

I’m surprised you’re happy with any of it. The muzzleflash is terrible, the positioning of the shells is dumb, the bullet impacts are bad as is the blood, the cut-out is poor and the posing is horrific.

I may not be an American but, what the fuck did you do to that AK?

That doesn’t even look right.

Wow tough critics. This was meant to be sort of a joke. I did it in like 20 minutes, thought I’d throw it up here as a “what the heck” type of thing. Hence the humor icon. PEACE People!

BTW: the guy with the AK is me :slight_smile: I know I’m fat and ugly (big suprise)


…um sorry?

cool model where you get :>

Cut out’s with Airsoft AK’s, scary editing, and a shotgunner with an SMG. Hurm.

Well “Hurm” to u too! :smiley:

I don’t like it one bit sorry.

Yeah…I know it’s terrible…

Its not great, but at least its original.

Oh wow. You’re so badass with your pellet gun.

Why thank you… your pretty bad yourself :slight_smile:

…Keep it real! :slight_smile:



…k I’m done now

PS: Admins, feel free to close this thread. I think I’ve made enough people angry with the atrociousness of my screen shot.