Combine soldier funnies

A little something I spent my afternoon working on.
Apologize for the links and that there is no tag but the tags don’t work and I can’t figure out why.
What do you think?

Where’s the picture?

Remove the / from the end of each image link.

Can you see it now?

Uuh, no, must be Imageshit fucking up again.

Can you see it now?


Can you upload it somewhere else?
Flickr, perhaps?

Despite the lack of editing, I had myself a larf.

Okay it appears that everytime I try to add tags the photos just don’t work. Anybody help on the problem?

image here

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Make sure the link is the picture, not the page.

sign in yahoo…

How about now?

** Can’t see shit captain **

Here they are back without tags, could somebody else try so I can find out if its just me?