Combine soldier gunning down rebels!

First person style! Hell yeah!

Editing practice, constructive criticism would be nice

Could use some faceposing.

Reminds me a lot of the Killzone 2 gameplay…

But yes, faceposing.

Looks totaly awesome. I approve of this. Faceposing is for faggots.

the overall picture, especially the editing, looks really good, but it needs some face posing to be perfect

It would be better with faceposing, but I believe you have perfected first-person posing.

Faceposing needed, like people said, but I really like it. Very original.

Looking good.

Looks ace.

Bit awkward how the arm at the right is situated.
Fantastic overall.

Position of the weapon/arms is a little odd, but the lighting is fantastic. Nice work.

Thanks guys! I’ll probably make some more pictures today or tomorrow for some more practice/experimenting. With faceposing :v:

rebel posed in an awkward stance…
other all good

I think it’s normal to look awkward when you get shot haha

Agreed. I quite like how awkward the Rebel’s posing is.

The title made me think this would be some fagg0t 5-minut Ub3rhax0r stuff.
But tis awesome

That should be a Ego-Shooter like crysis.
Just add a hud
Really nice work have a wood.