Combine Soldier runs from fire


crits please etc.

Awesome, but dat fire is kinda too opaque

I’m not too fond of the isolated boot in the black bars, or the attempt at motion (or shadowing?) with the second layer underneath the model. I’m not getting a feeling of running, either, and, without looking at the legs, it seems more like he’s just walking away from an explosion. Despite my complaints, I do like the shot itself, as well as the glaring eyes in the blackness of his face.

Posing seems ok, as does the angle. The fire in the background looks like it’s materializing out of nowhere, no defined source is what I’m trying to say. And it seems like there is some weird cut-out around the soldier.

Looks decent overall, good job.

Seems fairly decent, but the fire looks weak and not dangerous enough.

op updated

That blur is retarded and the idea of his foot getting off the stroke is badly executed. Posing is good and the overall editing, not that bad.

I like it.

“What’s the best way to evade an explosion as a graphical character?”

“Answer: Run out of the picture.”

His knees aren’t bended enough, and he’s tip toeing.