Combine Soldier shooting its pistol.


Generic? Yes.

Boring? Yes.

Borderlands? Yes.
I give you:



Actually the one with the borderland graphs looks kinda neat.

Posed well, but it’s really boring

This does NOT deserve dumbs.

The Borderlands-effect could be really neat with some polish.

Hey weren’t you the guy who got a massive shitstorm due to making a pose of supposedly you sitting in your desk with lots of weapons and shit?

Anyways, about the pose:

The Posing is Good,
The Graphic is Good,
It’s not Empty, almost all of the space was used
It’s a bit boring however.

Anyways Overall it is a Good pose.

Good Job.

I don’t really like the borderlands style of rendering. Not bad though.

Thats a very cool picture Fear :smile:

Stop copying my style.

Pretty nice and generic. I like that.

Fear, you have got to be the biggest hypocrite I have ever had the misfortune to know.

Yeah but yours didn’t have an awesome handmade borderlands style to it :V


there, less boring.

Nice. Kinda like the Borderlands edition.

SOBEL LOOKS SHIT, when used incorrectly.

slaps hand Stop it.