Combine soldier standing guard

Looks like he’s gonna fall over.

He is leaning too much, but the lighting and composition are great for in-game only.

he drunk.

all of your poses are _______ standing some variation of being still

That’s because right now, I’m practicing more on lighting, so I use standing poses to do so.

All you ever do is standing poses.

Fine fine, I’m going to do some Mass Effect stuff.

about them standing around in the rain on guard on patrol?


No, you’ll just have to wait to see, now won’t you? :smug:

That’s just you trying to hide your embarrassment for making them originally standing. Now you’re going to make them walking.

Well, if you think about it, pretty much every pose has someone standing, it just matters what they’re doing, shooting a gun for example. People stand when they shoot guns. But I’ll do something different, promise.

Gee, and I thought people fly instead of standing.