Combine soldiers and Breen watching football on TV

"…C-432 passes to TK-421, John tackles TK-421 and gets the ball, John passes to Henry, C-432 and OV-552 strike Henry to the ground, CU-759 gets the ball,
he shoots…GOAAAAAL! One more point to Overwatch in 7-Hour Cup!.."

Here is a tip , if you got photoshop or gimp. Blur the shadows a bit so they would look better and less grainy.

lol this is great, he only one that looks a LITTLE bit weird is the one with his feet up on the table

other than that, awesome :V

Nice posing, although it’s a bit too dark and there’s a tad too much crap on the floor.

It looks awesome :aaa:

Okay, doing that now.

Just don’t use a strong blur.

Ahaha, oh man, that’s great. I love Breen’s faceposing.

Makes me glad I checked the screenshot section before I went to bed.

Updated the pic, too strong blur now?

Nice job, like the posing.

Nah it’s good. Just that you missed some spots.

Looks great, I love breens expression

Fixing a tad more…

Now the pic looks nice. Good work.

Haha! That is just awesome. Good job.
Posing is good, just that Breen likes to shake his ass :v:

To much junk on the floor tho.

By the way, there are three easter eggs in the text. I bet you won’t be able to find them all.

Breen looks as if hes trying to take a massive dump all over the living room floor.

I like the Dark.
Nice Posing.