Combine Soldiers attacked by a monster

Thread Music! For best effect, open the picture at 0:43.


I thought I might try something like the beginning of “The Big Random Gmod Movie of Dooom!” C&C?

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, the song really helps, fucking awesome combination.
I’m loling so bad right now.

What’s that comming over the hill!!! Its that a monster!!?? Is that a monster!!??
Awesome man… Just plain awesome…

Thanks, although it’s not my original idea. Like I said, it was also in the intro to a Gmod movie.

AUuugh… I freaking hate that song! Wanted to blow my ears off when it was on t he radio. Still fitting and very funny. Get smiled.

I lol’d.

nice normals on the combines! headcrab makes me lol

I loled, but that combine reskin got my attention. Link?

They’re from the “Beta Ragdolls” pack here:

haha, i laughed

Only if Madman would get in here to see his work appreciated.