Combine soldier's head 'splodes, blood test


Also a small bonus.


The last one is creepy.

I think the blood should be darker on the first and needs more brain/skull fragments.

I tried making skull gibs, but


'd so I decided to let them out.

I was gonna make the blood darker too, but it would have been too dark and I couldn’t tell if it was oil or blood.

Very good! I like the both pictures.

I kind of like the head exploding. :slight_smile:

O_O last pic really creepy lol…

You need some more shading there

What you mean by that, I wonder. Confusing me your words are, master Bodelan.

That last one… im gonna lose sleep. That is soo cool…

To me the last pic is like WAZ UP!

Nice posing, really horrific

I thought the SAME EXACT THING.

Blood looks great on the first one, as do the little chips of helmet flying everywhere. Nice little details.

The last picture reminds me of a Pee Wee Herman youtube video.

The blood needs some work, but the fragments are excellent.

The blood seems…too obviously photoshopped. Looks like you just went in with an airbrush and painted in one color of red. The darker splatters near the bottom left are good though.

Oh blood-y hell!

Oh ho ho ho I slap myself on the knee.

Pretty good poses. I think you need to increase your model detail, the combine, looks a little too, made out of polygons.

It’s the dismemberment mod gibs I believe, you know, “meaty chunks that your dogs will love”

We always said that.

All settings at maximum, the default hl2 stuff is just a bit low-poly.

Nice edit!

Could you upload the original for referance? That headshot looks pretty badass as it is but you could do some more work on the blood!