Combine soldiers- with ACTUAL fingerposing

Many, MANY times I have thought about this, so finally I thought it’s time for a request such as this. Would someone make Combine soldiers with some ACTUAL finger posing? Either like Half Life 2 citizens have or each separate finger. It would improve our lives greatly, I’m sure every one agrees. I’ve looked around for such thing, but neirht a release nor a request thread did I find. So I guess the time has come, woul anyone be able to do it?

And while at it, could I pretty ask for a Combine Elite headhack- a Male_09’s head on a Combine Elite’s body? :3

Thanks in advance, hope someone would be able to do this.

Meh, i sorta gree.

And bodygroups for unmasked versions of each.

I’m working on it right now actually, Enhanced_AI did a pose for me with them.

Notable features:
5 finger posability
Posable cod piece (Crotch pad)
Very high quality skins, “HD”
Skins for every variant, and some bonus skins (8 in total)

His poses with the combine:

Tell me what you think, what I can improve upon, and what I can potentially add.

Nice. Are you going to be making high res weapons ti go with them, like a high res AR2

No, I didn’t do any of the skinning. I got the skins from a pack.

Hold on, gota scrape jizz off my screen…

…ok done, HOLY SHIT, I can’t wait :smiley: Also, would they have ‘eye’ posing? As in the visor, like some of the personal Combine skins we’ve seen around? I think Zeeky’s skin has that feature, could be useful for comics and such :smiley:

EDIT: Also, how about civilian headhacks for them? Just an idea…

I do believe these ones that I produced with Watevaman have full finger posing included.

Hmm, will download these too, but I still can’t wait for Bloo’s release ^^

The helmet texture looks like paper mache’. The body looks great, but the helmets above the respirator are bizarre as hell looking, normal and .vmt need editing.