Combine squads that engage in mop-up work.

Those models are really out of place I think. If not for the title and the mortar synths, I wouldn’t think that those are supposed to be combine and the other ones are supposed to be rebels.
Also, it looks like the lower rebel is staring at the stairs (lol pun), although that’s probably just the angle.
Bloom seems a little overkill to me.
And one last thing: at the left of the screen there is something white. I know it’s probably part of the map, but it kinda gets in the way.

Other than that, it’s all good.

you found them!


wait holy shit

youre tokotoko, YOU MADE THEM aaaaa

Thanks many advice.
They are hack model so it might be not seen as combine soldier.
And the editing…I’ll try different approach.

yes! that is my name at smod form.
You found me, lol.

Damn those are some really nice combine models , nice work.

Seven Hour War like, but with pre-made combine soldiers?


Awesome models. The bloom is so crazeh though.

May I have a link to those comibine models? But on a C&C note on the screenshot the models don’t fit, honestly the onlytthing I can see from the combine model I recognize is the gas mask.

Damn those models are fucking sexy, the posing is really nice too.
They look a bit sharp tho and I think the JPEG quality was not on max.

Also, if it can be done, I would like a link for the models too.

The aircraft doesn’t seem to fit in with the scene, but fuck!
Those models are seexxxxxxy.
Nice shot.

Holy balls batman, nice combine models. But I like the posing on the humans, bloom is a bit too much though.

>:) How bout you release those sexy models.
And good screenshot.

The Combine have invaded Call of Duty :aaaaa:

'Dem TF141 are screwed, those look like heavily armored and armed combine.

the bloom… omg
looks pretty good though

Thanks many responce guys.
It was unexpected for me.
and models,I’ll link them when it finished.

hi no5_sniper again.
those models are awesome
from what game?

It is hacked model.
Most parts of this are converted by Predaaator.