Combine Super Eye

Ladies and Gentlemen the Combine Super Soldier like you’ve need seen him/it before. Now with fully eye-posable eye.

Something i’ve had up my sleeve for a while that i thought i might release.

So thats what was behind the glass…

That… kinda creeps me out.



Eye like it a lot… “The combine spotted us!” “No really? I bet they spot a lot of things” Ok, before I go on with the eye puns, this is a very nifty skin/elite mod (not really sure what to call it).

No wonder they have horrible depth perception.

I have a great idea for a pose with this model haha!

Nice one.


Wait, this dude is not hexed right?


That’s creepy! Get it away from me!

It looks happy :kiddo: .

Aye it’s hexed.

Does it have Combine animations? That’d make a good NPC. It looks like it’s both scared and angry at the same time.

Hahaha been meaning to do that myself, well expect for a real eye look D:

The White Alien Cyclops…

Soon to be extinct!

spycrab :buddy:

Do not fucking want!

Nicely done as always, Snood. May I make one request for a change/different version? Put the red lens back on, but make it transparent.


Creepy… Yet awesome. Good job Snood.

PS: I’ve seen this creature before!