Combine synth Soldier

I want the combine syth soldier back as a npc some1 please make this and hopefully one with a custom ai :razz:

The Syth Soldier? I only know of the Synth Scanner.

More information please.


A day old? Shit this section gets some traffic.

I think he means this
Too bad nobody is going to make it, everyone in the modeling section is too lazy.

oh yeah that isn’t stupid looking.
whatever, enjoy not having it.

not what i meant heres what it looks like

It’s probably still available as .mdl and stuff in the mod “Missing Information” which is pretty much a reupload of the Half-Life 2 beta. I don’t think there is anywhere to get the Hl2 leak anymore.

It’s not.

WOW MY threads never get posts do they

OK i know it sound retarded but this if you ask me would be awesome so make it please i know there are some good modellers out there,please out of the good of yur hearts and this awesome model

Damn dude. There’s a fuckton of shit out there, and you’re still stuck on this one model.

I want it and if your just going to insult it go away

Do you realize how much time and effort this would take? And don’t even think about a custom AI.

It’s just the Combine Soldier covered in the Strider’s armour, why the hell would you want it? It looks stupid, implausible as a real Valve NPC and then just plain weird.

no he needs it for his machinima.

it actually was originally made by vavle

Here it is… Evil Garlic just uploaded it.

Are you blind?

This is almost 2 years old


Wow forgot I even had a FP account ,but yes I found it, then freaked out. :slight_smile:

1 year and a half D:

Also LuaHelper ,prepare for a “dumb bump” ban

Too old,model wasn’t ever created. Best thing you could do is search Raising the bar on and download it. V2 will have more npcs,so patience wins the fight.