Combine torturing a captured rebel.

I enjoyed doing this one. It was fun trying to figure out how to do it without any editing.


Thanks. I tried for a gritty look.

breen faps to this

it looks nice, but the low-res meat texture kinda ruins it

Probably because it’s soda cans with meat material.

A meal with the drink?


The leg should be bleeding like fuck, but it has a very nice and deep atmosphere.

It could have been removed with a very hot instrument.

Eh, the knife on the table doesn’t look that hot, assuming that’s what was used.

But logic can take a backseat for this awesome pose, great work.

I can’t edit through glass :frown: but thank you.


Maybe a lightsaber…but nah. Just a knife.



Is that a zombie in the bacrkound?

It’s a doctor. :ssh: