Combine Train Cutting Under Outland Walls

I’ve already posted this in Lambda Wars V3 but I thought so highly of it as to make a thread for a bit of a showcase, so apologies if you’ve seen it twice now.
It has its flaws, yes. Being an RP screenshot means it loses its priority value resulting in some bleeding with the blur and inexplicable unlit areas, but I hope you enjoy anyway.

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woah hey I did one o dem ol timelapses

Besides that it’s a PNG that took 5 minutes to fully load, it looks very good

I think the lighting is just spectacular in this, good job dude.

You should’ve used radial blur on the train, you didn’t do motion blur correctly. As you get into the distance of the train, there’s less blur. In your pic, you blur it uniformly across the entire train. Making the pic without the motion blur would’ve worked as well.

why do u people still use pngs, jpegs at quality 100% not only look roughly the same, they also take about 95% less time to load, espescially from wduwant

I had no idea what I was doing with radial blur, so I just tried removing it altogether. Plus here’s also the original at a smaller filesize, apologies for bigass PNG[/T][T]