Combine Transports Fly over a Ruined City

Pretty cool dude, I like it.
Just a thought, maybe they could use something to hold on to?

A scenebuild I guess?

I don’t like any custom combine models, no one so far has cached the Haf-Life 2 design right.

imageshack and .png

not a great combo.

looks snazzy.

Eh, they look badass!

Pretty cool picture. The roof on the bottom left looks a bit out of place though (but that’s just me).

The color scheme doesn’t really fit with the standard combine stuff. Their vehicles are always unpainted.

Don’t use .png…

I changed it to a .jpeg, why exactly should I not use a .png?

Huge ass loading times

Hush you.

Looks pretty good, but as Lt_C said, combine stuff is usually unpainted.

Badass! I can’t wait to see those combines kicking rebel ass!

Nice. Good to see more work on the skins.

Nice, but what is up with that model’s crotch? It looks really bad. But I guess I can’t blame that on you, nice screenshot.

I think to make the scene go a bit better it should have the gunships as escorts.

Sadly the model comes with this big metal dong plate, I may try and #alphatest it out.