Combine Troopers

A taste of things to come.

Tokotoko for Combine hacking; ZeemlapJE for Combine helmet textures.

90% of what you see is ingame. If I can manage to master color correction, I can cut out the middleman of Photoshop entirely and get a visual clone of Killzone’s graphics.

That is mighty sexy for being ingame color correction.

Gmod has some power behind it the not many people use at all

Lovely posing, camera angles and use of in-game effects as usual.

what strikes me is that if this can be entirely rendered ingame why doesn’t valve themselves use them oh right because valve are a bunch of talentless saps

p much

Generic, but really good.

I love the second pic.

2nd looks awesome, is that ingame muzzle or edited?

Reminds me of Killzone.

So you use photoshop…I really need to work on the equivalent for GIMP.

Somehow, they resemble the soldiers in killzone

They both look really good!

I hope to dear god you’re trolling.

What do you mean? Valve indeed uses color correction.

Yeah someone voicing a negative opinion on Valve. Must be a fucking troll.


But seriously if you can make pictures that look this good and 99% of it is in-game, then why can’t Valve? The only thing that really lowers performance in terms of Garry’s Mod’s in-game post-processing is “super depth of field”.

Weren’t the color correction options added in Garry’s Mod, and not present in HL2/the episodes? I dunno, but I thought they were added instead of simply activated.

In any case, the pictures are both awesome! I don’t see anything wrong.

In that a in-game muzzleflash or edited?

Looks rather nice.

Every asset you see in the picture is ingame. The only thing I really edited in was vignetting, some raised contrast (color correction’s contrast ruins the picture. always. :argh:), some spark effects and zoom blur. In fact, the only reason you NEED color correction is to change the outcome and intensity of the lighting. If you know what you’re doing you can use lights and lamps to create side lights with sun beams like I do. You get ingame lens flare type effects and the entire works solely by throwing some lights on to the side of the camera and using this.

You’re an idiot and I shouldn’t have to explain my reasoning to you because you obviously have no idea what a troll even is and the only reason you use the word (like everyone else) is because when someone challenges your petty, illogical opinion you have the obligation of calling them out to make yourself look better. That’s OK; it’s just psychology. You don’t know how dumb you make yourself look.

But, alas, I guess I have to explain myself to you because you’ll just keep coming back and crying like the mentally impaired sixteen year old you are: Valve do a terrible job at trying to make HL2 look “gritty.” That’s the entire reason they implemented particle effects and color correction in the first place. HL2’s lack of grittiness is excusable because it was gritty back in 2004, but EP1 and EP2 neither have an excuse when the resources are there.

If I pulled this outcome out of my ass with thirty frames per second to spare (excluding SDOF) then why don’t Valve create this effect in their games, or why people create this effect in their mods? Oh – right. They have no idea how to make a game gritty.

Guerilla Games/Killzone is the only game [series] I have ever played that felt dirty, that made you feel ragtag, and that made the enemy filthy and vile. The Combine are more like day janitors who mop up the street (literally) compared to the Helghan army.

TLDR Valve have no idea how corny HL2 is and they no longer have any excuse as to why their game looks like a cartoon.

As a game, Killzone sucks. Graphically it is the greatest thing I have ever laid eyes on… but really it’s just CoD4 with a glossy veneer of good environment, weapon and character design (and when I say glossy, I really mean beautifully gritty).

Killzone is the best console first person shooter I’ve ever played. Everything about it screams top-notch. In its entirety it’s pretty amazing; the story, the usage of ballistic weapons instead of pulse/laser rifles with infinite resources of ammo, the character design – hell, the entire “d-day” type aerial barges are amazing because it just makes Killzone 2 all the more interesting in every mission when you land in the middle of a hotzone. The movement and self-awareness acting really tops it off.

I can understand how it gets boring after a while, but that’s any first person shooter.