Combine Units Discover a Town

You can interpret whatever you want. Maybe this town was infested by zombies and the Combine never noticed it? Maybe the town was under a riot because there was a shortage on sugar? I don’t know. Use your imagination.

I apologize for the blue lines. It’s in-game rain and I couldn’t get rid of it no matter what. I tried yelling at it, punching my monitor, built a giant roof over my pose. Nothing. Oh well.

But apparently not the logical solution of clone-stamping.

A tad dark to me.

I actually tried that and it didn’t come out as good. I’m not as good as most people with photoshop which means I could take something simple as what you said and screw it up.

But still, bad part on me.

what are you talking about

real men just take 100 pictures until the rain is unnoticeable

doesn’t enabling cheats, then trying “ent_remove_all func_precipitation” in console work? It should do

And as Angry Man said, it’s a little dark. Angle could be better, too.

Wait, would that command really work?

It does for a lot of other effects in maps, might do for rain.

I’ll try it out next time.

Thanks for the C&C, guys. Especially you, Chesty. <3