Combine Vengeance Weapon - "stalker cannon"



this was pretty fun to do, props to flyingdebris and keith thompson for the inspiration

the shadows are pretty lame i know lol

Friggin awesome!

It’s damn legs are gonna snap.

That’s actually really well done. Creative!

this is really creative

We need to make a model of this.

Somehow I knew Keith Thompson was part of the inspiration. :smiley:

Nice work.

Cari you need to try something else then the Repeat thread icon lol

get offa ma dick bigbom

get onta mine crai

That MUST be drawn.

very creative and well executed, I really like it. I also like those shadows because they look like concept art

Oh man, that is so fucking awesome.
You could just imagine it in game ‘Go for it’s legs!’

Fucking awesome


Make it a model.

And it will be good.

Creepy and creative.

Nice, the edit makes it look like it came straight out of Raising the Bar

Looks really cool, but in a better background it would have been epic.

Reminds me of the mass effect 2 scions