Combine Voice Mod Needed for DarkRP

Does anyone have a Combine Voice mod like they use in Tacoscript and HL2-RP? It’s a menu with all the phrases, if anyone could mod it for DarkRP it would be really appreciated.

I dont got the mod but i got some of the sounds.
Would you like the mp3 files in zip folder on i could upload them for you.

I actually belive it has everything.

The problem is I need it for my server, with at least a menus to navigate through them.

This one?

That one, but I need it to be compatible with the DarkRP.

Could’nt you always put the helpmenu.lua to Darkrp/gamemod?
Or i dont think that will work but you could try.

I’m trying to get it on a DarkRP server I’m admin on. My best friend who is a coder will try to figure it out, but keep continuing and if he does fix it I’ll post, but please do try.

I would try myself but gmod isnt working for me right now.
You can always try this one :
Its has a few combine and citizen voices comtabile for dark rp.

Thank you so much.

Where do you put the sounds.lua file into?

Into lua/autorun.

That only works for tacoscript I think.