Combine walking through a forest [Scenebuild]

made on gm_construct

Goddamn beautiful.

One of the plants at the right is clipping with the tree, and the combine is kinda glowing :buddy:

Besides that, fucking nice scenebuild.

Thats some serious nit picking, bro.

Something about that pistol model doesn’t look good to me, but still, nice work again.

Not really, I saw it too. The glowing combine is killing it.

The shadow under his arm looks strange. It’s a bit too dark and cuts off too soon, and compared to the almost complete lack of shadow work on his legs it’s like his top half is edited while his bottom half isn’t.

He’s also fairly well lit for an otherwise dark environment.

Amazing, fingerposing = bad D:

Great scenebuild, pose, and atmosphere. And kinda agree with Vman.

Nice scenebuilding and fucking ace shading on the soldier but Vman’s point is true. Great picture overall.

beautiful scenebuild

Very cool, some fireflys would look pretty nicely

I really like the green tint in the background. And a nice scene build.

Thanks for all the comments and criticism people, I appreciate it.

I love the greenish fog in the background. Creates great atmosphere.

Since I don’t care so much for editing and someone more inclined would probably give you the run down for that anyway, this image compared to your previous works is so much better.

It’s a lot more interesting because of the scene build which adds a lot of character to the overall composition of the image. I have something more to look at than a generic combine trooper at stance.

Posing is pretty straight forward, solid, not iffy. Although I’m not convinced that he’s walking as much as he seems to be standing there in caution. Scene build looks great, not like most scene builds that look obvious or overdone to the point of feeling unnatural. I think what would complete the image is if you added a rebel or something in the background, possibly behind a tree or something to give the impression of imminent danger in these woods or at least purpose for the Elite. It’s little details like that which creates the difference between generic and interesting.

Interesting rationalization. What do you care about, ? It depends on what the meaning of the word “it” is. Where did you get your something more to look at than a generic combine trooper at stance? I have a lot of likes and dislikes. And pretty straight forward solid not iffy is Posing. Oh. I am glad to hear that you are not convinced that he is walking as much as he seems to be standing there in caution. Tell me about your likes and dislikes? Why? That is a hypothetical question. Who said it is?

Nice! It look like He is in a fantasy

love the atmosphere

Looks smexy.