Combine with prisoners + Pyro'ed (2 SS's)

I finally got the game and decided to make something to put up on here. About 30 minutes to an hour of work (for me since i’m new).
I’m pretty damn happy with it tho but some criticism would be helpful.

Also just a lil funny one I made (easy and i’m sure its not considered good haha but here it is)
This was my first Gmod pose
EDIT YES I know this is not good nor is it original I just posted it up cause it was my first one. Leave it be I don’t care to get comments on this one.
Ofcorse alot of people did “fingerposer to make rude gestures” its fun, easy to do and takes no time hence it being my first pose ever. I did not want
anything to complicated. Stop being asses.


BTW about the blood splatter i was messing around after i took the first screenshot then realized I did’nt take the screen shot on high video settings so I retook it i’d rather not have the blood in it

there is the original with out the gay bloodsplatter

Oh lol using the fingerposer to make rude gestures.

Hahahahahaha never seen that one before!

I like the concept of the first one, but the clipping and the ugly source dynamic shadows ruin it.
And the second one is pretty dumb.

“Also just a lil funny one I made (easy and i’m sure its not considered good haha but here it is)
This was my first Gmod pose”

You guys are assholes.

Heheh, Mossman looks funny. I like the camera angle on the first pic.

Yeah, I know what ya mean i could’nt put his arms up with out it clipping and also the girls boobs just didnt wanna do right with them slouched over lol. in the end tho i was’nt really trying to wow anyone so i didnt go out of my way to fix those. I know its a generic scene and all but its like my 3rd pose ever (2nd one i was just about done forgot to save and power went out)

and the shadows i had no clue how to get more realistic shadows if there is even a way. some help there would be nice

The camera angle is allright i did’nt notice till now that you cant actually see the arm holding the gun up (the left arm is just suporting the gun) so it may not look like hes actually holding it due to camera angle but trust me he is :slight_smile: took me way to long to get that right hand looking right

and about the 2nd one you guys REALLY need to learn to read before you repeat the op.

Don’t use CSS wmodels for gunposing.