Combine with stun baton

done this i think its cool but knowing facepunch you’ll find something o.O yes it is posed i know it looks like its me but it isnt C&C please

Use tags, not HTML.

i was just sorting that lol

It’s an NPC

no its not o.O

Well… it looks like it’s an NPC. Until proven otherwise though, I will say “nice posing”.

It’s quite dark though and the camera angle is very boring, as is the lack of action or anything interesting to look at. Why is the picture so damn tiny?

Yes it is :slight_smile:

gah it isnt an npc i based it on one because finding the right pose with a stun baton was hard


it was resized on image shack for forums
It’s a map for Halflife 2: deathmatch

I obviously a player who is standing infront of you :stuck_out_tongue:

gah i won’t bother if you are just going to accuse

This is a forum specifically for viewing images. You need to post them full-size.

Owned :stuck_out_tongue:

NPC! NOooooooooo this person fails. hes running backwards with a camera and took the pic. You sir gtfo, :munch:

Yes it is.

It is an NPC.

Aaah I hate when this happens, its is an obvious NPC, please try something else.
And dont try arguing about it, you will only look dumb.