Combine_elite "splinter cell"

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Combine_elite “splinter cell”
[tab]Version:[/tab] 2.0 Is now out

[tab]Description:[/tab] Meant to mimic splinter cell NOT HEXED!

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Copy/paste knowledge

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]

Very first skin!

Will hopefully be hexed soon.

V2 Is now out with glowing eye!

Also, I plan to add a few things, suggestions welcome.If you want to hex it, I will reupload it and put you in credits. Thanks.

Edit: New pics from me posing, as you can see I accidentaly messed the boots up so they are greenish when I was testing, however, version2 is perfectly fine.

You shouldn’t ever release your first skin. But actually it is one of the best first skins I have seen in a while. Usually people just filter rape the skin or recolour the entire skin 1 color and use paint brush to add text. Pretty good for a first. Gold star.

Do he glow in dark? :v: :downs:


Wow thanks! I used to skin Halo, but haven’t done a Gmod skin until now.


And about that glowing thing, is there a sprite I can make or something to make it glow?I’d really like to have that.

No, it’s ENV mapping that makes things glow.

Nice job. No real complaints.

Thanks, Is ENV mapping used in modeling programs or is it easy to do, like in photoshop?

It’s in Photoshop. Sometimes it’s easy, like for round things like the Elite’s eye, but for some things, oh GOD it’s hard.

SWEET! I’ll get right on that and see what I can do. Thank you.

Do you have MSN? I could help you with some things.

No, no, no. It’s self illumination. Env mapping makes it shiny. Both are made in alpha channel tough, but envmap can also be as different vtf file. It was command “$envmap_mask” or something like that in vmt. Go look it up at Command for self-illumination is “$selfillum” “1”.

Oh, oppsy.

lol ok. was wondering why, when I googled env mapping and a bunch of pictures of shiny glass tutorials come up.


Ok how do I do that to a specific area?

Select an area of the skin in normal view, then go to the alpha (should still be selected) and color it anything from black, to white.

ok, how do I make the alpha? lol

oh i’m actually using paint shop pro.

That’s pretty damn good for a first skin.

You sure it’s your first? :tinfoil:


Nice skin. Better than my first i’d say.

I’ve never used Paint Shop Pro, so I don’t know.

I use it, but i’ve never been able to make an alpha in it.

I now use photoshop :stuck_out_tongue: