combine_soldier_prisonguard red eyes

Hey I tried to add red eyes to the nova prospekt prison guard with the code

ply:SetSkin( 1 )

And it’s does not work it has yellow eyes.
Maybe there is custom material for it?

SetSkin doesn’t work for the combine player models, only the combine models used by the NPCs.

If you need a playermodel of the red-eyes version, then I’m afraid you’ll have to either get someone to make one or find out how to make one yourself. Though, making a player model of something that’s only a skin isn’t impossible, someone made a combine shotgunner player model(it wasn’t the nova prospekt solder model though, and also, yes the shotgun skins are skins, but as I said before the skins aren’t available for the combine player models))

Or you can use Set(Sub)Material on player.

Right. That would also work.

Pass him a blunt