Combine's AI sucking.

I have come to notice after alot of npc battles, the Combine really suck at battle…

Even if you want to have alittle fun, the Citizens still dominate the Combine. If anyone knows how to fix this, tell me. I don’t want to hear about the Ai Enchancer posted at the GMod site, because that doesn’t work well…

There are some other AI enhancers other than the one on

Try going to the LUA Releases or something. That’s where I found them about a year ago.

Ok, I’ll have a look.

I always find that the Combine normally defeat the Citizen, unless being assisted by me, Alyx or Barney.

Well, I have 1 Combine Soldier, and 1 citizen. Less than 2 seconds, the combine soldier is dead. After 2v1, the 2 Combine Soldiers die after a few more seconds.

Don’t play on flatgrass.

I think it depends on what weapon you give them as well.

The rebels tend to do better as the AI is scripted for the rebels to be better because there are less of them then there are combine in HL2. Hoever the rebels are experts with the SMG,and combine are better with AR2. Also it really depends on if you just spawn them in front of each other to fight,since AI is different. I would reccomend switching weapons for the 2 sides until you see what wroks out.

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