Combine's Balls - How do I make them bigger?

I didn’t really want to post a new thread for this, but since I guess I have to… I think this section of the forum needs a “Lua: What do you need help with?” forum.

Now to the topic:

When you create and shoot a Combine’s Ball prop it spawns tiny, like maybe twice the width of a bullet. When they are found in-game they are always the same exact size, so I don’t really understand this. How do I create and spawn the Balls of the Combine at the same size as the ones that you’d see in-game while still giving credit to the shooter when it kills something? What commands do I need to send the ball, what variables in the ball I need to change, etc?

Thank you.


will set the combine ball to its real size

My girlfriend asked that same question, glad we have an answer

If that actually works, thank you!! Why does the Combine Ball have that value, anyways? All of the Combine’s Balls are exactly the same size!

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Your girlfriend would like to re-size Combine’s Balls? Interesting…

Combine balls have different sizes ingame iirc, plus it gives power to the developers.

Yes, it works, thank you! Now… if it isn’t too much to ask, how do I make it bounce properly??

this thread is very suggestive

sorry had to

Funny, but you know I have chrome. I usually copy my links and paste them in new tabs. So… YouTube is a very suggestive thread? Sometimes, I guess…

But in all seriousness, how do I make the Balls of the Combine bounce like they do normally in Half-Life 2? My terminology is intended… we shoot people with the Combine’s Balls.

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Thanks. Now I just need to make it actually die… it won’t stop bouncing!!!


The best I’ve got for that is this:

timer.Simple(4.20, function() ball:Fire(“explode”) end)

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Ohh… Okay, thank you! You are all so helpful :smiley:
The only problem with :SetSaveValue(‘m_nMaxBounces’,7) is that it doesn’t actually make the ball explode.

Well… I guess the timer works, even better would be a table of values to kill the balls in think, better timing. I have one last question, what is the name of the charging sound the AR2 emits BEFORE it shoots its balls out?