Combines in Space ! (Now in HD) "Bucket protects"

Combines in Space follows Captain Gotkane and Lieutenant Mandrake.Gotkane prepares for hes journey to outer space.
Hopefully the bucket will save him.

There is a sequel in the making


That was…interesting. For future reference, get a map and rocket. PHX and a thumper doesn’t look good. The PAC on the astronaut isn’t appealing either.

It was decent video quality, but as Hacker said, it would be better with an actual rocket, not a bomb.

How did the combine get to earth. They already have the technology to go to space…

I cried.

It was created within 30 minutes after Marcarco of Icton had finished filming something.
Random people and stock content.Luckily PAC was there.It’s not meant to be appealing.It’s suppost to be weird and funny.

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Don’t look for logic and reason. ( That is the best part )