"Combines!" Rebels in their little camp inside old hospital


I didn’t quite finish this one, because I’m feeling awfully sick.

should’ve saved it for later then.

Wouldn’t it be Combine? I mean, I think Combine can be used plural. Anyway, I’m digging the lighting.

What the hell with the dumbs?

It’s not bad, good atmosphere, and the muzzle flash looks good, but it’s kinda boring.

combine is plural

It seems so awfully calm, the lighting is nice, but you should of added bullet tracers. Without them it is just way to calm

Its Nice… I suppose.

Pretty nice.

I think it looks really good… why did people rate him dumb?

Because he used “Combines” when you can’t use a plural.

But we established it already IS a plural…

So… Combine due to it’s nature… Can never be said… o:

I am deeply, deeply scared now.

Nice flash and blue lighting. Wide-camera angle is nice. Picture is kinda boring apart from that though.

Very nice posing there, it’s a bit empty tho.

Combine is the plural
you don’t say “MILITARYS!” For a group of Military do you?

Gee, I get it, I’m fucking sorry.


Cry more.
Seriously. wow? you spazz out over us informing you you misspelt it?

I got it the first fucking time.


Also, I don’t cry.


Not since Titanic, anyway :frown:

The hypocrisy… it is… incredible.

The shit?
Why did this picture got 4 dumbs? It deserves Artistics not dumbs.


Hohoho and I agree Chesty