Combines vs Rebels stopped motion scene

**Hey guys, I decided to make stopped motion scenes in GMod and this is the result of my first scene :

Hope you’ll like it!
Feel free to request scenes&wallpapers that can be done in GMod if you want, I just don’t guarantee that it will be done before a week because I have a lot of other things to do.

P.S. if you have a negative opinion about my work, please explain it instead of just saying “it sucks”, otherwise you have nothing to do here and you can leave now.

By the way, I also made another scene and 5 screenshots which pretty much can be used as wallpapers.**

I hope you’ll like those too xD

I know you probably worked very, very hard on this, but I think you need to work on some of your everything.

Nice try though, better than some of the other new people.

Work on your posing, composition, and use of depth-of-field. I would also suggest that you either turn up your anti-aliasing or scale down your images.

Pick one image and use that. Nobody wants the same pose at different angles, it breaks the illusion of movement and kills everything you worked to achieve, mood wise.

Also, take a look at what other people are posting in other threads (sans troll poses) and really ask if anyone would use any of those as a desktop wallpaper. Not trying to be mean, just honest.

I’ll do that, thanks!
By the way, I did use “depth of field” in the video.

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Sorry, I don’t have time for viewing other people’s posts except when I have nothing to do.
Also, I made 5 screenshots from different angles so that people can pick the best one.
Besides, I am not forcing anyone to use the screenshots as desktop wallpapers.

What I mean is that depth-of-field serves a very specific purpose. It shouldn’t be used arbitrarily. Use it when you want to direct the audience’s focus to a certain object within the frame.


That’s a bad approach all around. The best way to determine what ‘looks good’ is to compare your to other work in the field. Don’t be stubborn. Study how effects were done, what camera angles work, what doesn’t, how to use depth of field, etc.

Also, once again, posting more then one angle is stupid. Pick one. Pick the best. If you can’t say definitively that X is the best, then chances are all of them are lackluster. It’s also like someone asking you to make dinner, you make 5 mediocre meals, ask them to eat them all, and tell them to choose the best slop to remember. A good deal of what makes a screenshot ‘good’ is individuality and a strong single statement.

For reference, most people that spend a good deal of time on a screenshot set up their angle very early on, and build a scene around that.