Combining addons = faster loading?

If I were to combine all of my addons into one addon, would it lag less? I don’t know if it goes by the sheer amount of addons you have, or the compiled size of all the files. Anyone have any idea if my performance/load times might be better?

It’s all about the size.

It would load faster. If you place them in the garrysmod folder, too, it will load even faster.

No it wouldn’t increase load times. It’s mostly models because of there file size and the amount of them and I think maps also. You could just remove models you dont use, or unmount games you don’t use.

For performance you would just have to remove any scripts that are constantly running, and for outside gmod you can disable uneeded processes and turn down your desktop resolution lower while you play gmod.

That won’t have any effect, unless you’re playing in windowed mode.

Combining your addons will more or less probably result in more conflicts due to similar functions being ran or used.

Not advisable, not worth it.

I’m not so sure it will conflict. What I am sure about, however, is that many addons all have a file - for example - called “shared.lua” which will be overwritten. So only the LAST addon you overwrite into the pile of others will work, as all others have had their important lua files removed. (Lol fail)

shared.lua is usually not somewhere it would be overwritten. Usually it’s somewhere like weapons/weaponname/shared.lua for weapons so that wouldn’t do anything.

I’ll just leave it I guess.

Hm maybe you’re right

I used to do this in the days of Gmod 9. Anyone around at that time who wanted to use more than X amount of addons would combine them. Garry placed a limit on them (around 30?), so if you had tons of addons that you used, you’d do that to circumvent his limit he placed. It sped it up for me.

I do it currently. I put all my non SVN addons in 1 folder and put all my SVN addons in their own folders so it is easier to export the updates.