Combining Game Textures in Hammer?

Because Hammer glitched, I must now use Day of Defeat source as my source game for running Hammer Editor in Source SDK. I was working on a map on Half-Life 2 Episode 2. It was for Garry’s Mod. but now the textures for it are gone. I was wondering how you might be able to import those textures into Hammer while using Day of Defeat Source. I don’t quite know what to do here. I have no idea where to find these WAD files…

So…how do I exclude DOD textures and use the Ep 2 textures?

Extract the materials and models of EP2 into the dod:S folder from the GCF

you to? :ohdear:

i fixed it by recreating the half life 2 episode 2 config under the source 2009 engine.

now i get a grid instead of black fail.