Combo-Fists (lol)

This is my SWEP that I was working some time on (I know, the name of it sounds dumb, but still).


  • Half-Life 2 and Team-Fortress 2 versions.
  • A Combo system.
  • A kill icon
  • A nice indicator that shows your Left and Right hits and Additional Combo Damage! (all hits get reset after you do a Combo-Hit).
  • A ‘Quick-Hitting’ system that will let you swing your fists faster if you get into the rhytm of left-right hand swinging pace.
  • Pressing your RELOAD key will emit a provoking sound.
  • A system that will increase your Combo-Hit Damage, E.G:
    if I hit someone with my left hand 2 times and with my right hand 1 time, it would be:
    <damage number between 15 and 30> + 18
  • A different third-animation (NOT crowbar’s animation).
  • Works perfectly both in Singleplayer and Multiplayer.
  • A spawn icon.


1.11 Fix:
/\ Fixed the kill icon not working.


  • Added a kill icon
    /\ Fixed a bug when you could get Left and Right-Hand Hits, then holster, take the SWEP back into your hands again and still have the hits stored.


  • Added a system which will increase your combo’s power, E.G:
    if I hit someone with my left hand 2 times and with my right hand 1 time, it would be:
    <damage number between 15 and 30> + 18
  • Added a ‘Additional Combo Damage: <number>’ indicator.
  • Added a HL2 Version of this SWEP (for people who don’t have TF2).
  • Added a forgotten ‘Reload to say something provoking’ into instructions of the SWEP.
  • Added heavy’s melee taunts when you draw TF2 Combo-Fists.
    /\ Changed the way the instructions look.

Team-Fortess 2 or Half-Life 2

Known Bugs:

  • The indicator isn’t updating the right way in Multiplayer (not a big problem eh?).

Kogitsune (helped me with the indicator)
lopoi (different third-person animation)

Newer versions:

Old version:

YouTube Video:

Mm… finally. A decent fist SWEp. You got my download.

Can you make it so that it says Heavy melee taunts from TF2 when the swep is deployed?

They’re the sounds/vo/heavy_meleedare01 to 13.

Maybe considering that not all of us have TF2, I recommend using the fist model in the SMod weapon pack. I find that one to be much more enjoyable.

I agree. Even though I have TF2.

You got it.

Workin’ on it. There will be 2 versions of this SWEP now - HL2 Combo-Fists and TF2 Combo-Fists.

<Removed pics>

Here’s the link:

Awesome, this is even cooler than the last version!

Thanks for the heavy sounds, this is fun to play with.

Maybe for the hl2 taunts, you can use some of the citizen sounds, like “One for me, and one… for me.”

Nah, those don’t sound pretty good. Actually, there are no normal HL2 sounds for taunts at all.


I think it’s high time for a Kenshiro SWEP now… >:D

What’s that?

Update - YouTube video live now.
Whoops, sorry for double-posting, got used to old facepunch.

We’re sorry - This video is unavailable. nevermind i just had to click it <— That’s Kenshiro. It’d work if you ramped the damage down to cope for the speed.

Any chance of a custom killicon? Maybe something like this?

Cool, these have more punch than the SMod pack fists. Downloaded, also :smiley: smiley ball music

I’ll give it a try :).


Please, post your ideas, I don’t want to release an update with only 1 change.

As requested by my friend, I decided to release this small patch.

Add a red tint to the kill icon with a “motion blur” going to the right. I could do it but I am to lazy to.
Well I am not, I did it, would you like to have it SB?