Combo lock for doors

I saw on the Rust Trello that there are going to be combo locked doors, does anyone mind telling me how they would work? I sure as hell don’t want to have to input a code every time I need to get into my base, especially if I am being chased by an enemy.


you would think that once you open a door with the combination, it will allow you to open it without a code throughout the session (until you disconnect). thats using common sense.

Yeah I was thinking that would be how they work, but I just want to be sure. No harm in asking right?

would be something like that yeah guys, and I want to get it in pronto its one of the most heavily requested features!

That would be awesome, Just built a huge metal base and wanted to share it with my noob friend!

Thanks again so much Helk for responding so positively to communities suggestions :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response Helk

Whoa hangon, if you’re going to add combo locked doors then you should be required to input the code every single time you use the door and also have the ability to change the code if you placed it (hold E option). What if you have someone that goes renegade on you and tries to raid you, you need to be able to prevent that person from just casually opening every door. Blowing up every door you have to change the code is just stupid.

Requesting an “E” context menu for code entry, just a simple 4 digit code that can be bashed out in less than 2 seconds on the numpad.

Doing the code every time would be stupid and tedious, what if you were running from bandits, a few seconds could be life or death. Changing the code would HAVE be put in, god Facepunch would be morons not to put it in. (no insult to Facepunch, you guys are awesome)

Having some way to change a keycode does sound like it would be very much needed.
I am pretty confident that I would not need it, but I am sure there would be a use out there for sure.

Hold E to change it and then everyone else has to re-input the new code to get access.

For the person that put the door down? Sure, their doors would work the same as they do now, but for others, instead of getting the “door is locked” message, they just get a combolock screen, quickly pop in the code on the numpad and boom, they’re in.

At the end of the day I’m not going to sacrifice security for convenience.