Combo Locked Doors?

So going on the trello to see whats going on or is going to be in the next update, I see that they finished combo locked doors. The thing about dragging a name in was denied, and Garry said a couple weeks ago about maybe making a key for your friend, but how exactly is it going to work?

No one will really know how it will work until it’s actually in game and we can try it out. Based on the feedback that they get from the live testing, it will probably be revised and perfected.

I don’t know exactly what the interface itself will look like, but here’s my guess:

You place a combo door (how this is different from a normal door, not sure, we’ll find out when they get added) and set a combination. Say, 123456.

You tell your friend, the combination to the base is 123456. Don’t tell anyone.

Some random bandit finds your base and tries 123456 by chance and successfully guesses it on the very first try, and he gets into your base.

Your friend is an idiot and tells someone else that the combination is 123456. Turns out that other person wasn’t trustworthy and spreads the information around.

Now it’s time to change the combination to a new password, and tell your idiot friend not to do that again, or alternatively just don’t tell him what it is since he’s already screwed up, depending on how much you like him even though he’s an idiot. I presume that there’ll be a way to change the combination without having to destroy the whole door and get a completely new one, but the initial release might not have nice features like that, so it’s hard to guess on exactly what we’ll be getting in the update.

So its going to more like a keypad in Garry’s mod rp? Well I actually think this is a better Idea than the key thing, both would work well, thanks for clearing that up for me.

I’d disable this on my server or simply use mods for door share - seems unnecessary and counter-intuitive, if they were going to do anything game wise a key would make the most sense

thumbs down to this addition

I described combination locks in general. A lock-and-key lock… isn’t a combination lock by definition.

Again, I have no idea how it’s actually going to be represented in-game, since the devs want to avoid throwing tons of artificial UIs into the game. That’s why you already know it isn’t going to be a “friends list”-based lock system, it’s exactly the kind of artificial interface they want to avoid.

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It’s worth noting that this is in no way the final door sharing solution the devs will ever implement, if they decide that they want to try something else. I don’t see why lock-and-key doors couldn’t be experimented with to see if it works better with a physical key item that can be looted/pickpocketed from your inventory.

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P.S. Only babies get upset about ratings, ezkl.

a key would be terrible. you die and the person who kills you can now get in your base. Combo is a better idea.

I’m not upset, just stating the fact in my world that your post is dumb


This was attempted in the DayZ Origins mod and frankly it didn’t work.
Whenever you want to open (or close) your door you have to enter a key combo. This meant that to get into the safety of your own home you had to stand there for 5-10 seconds clicking buttons.
Of course this meant you were open to any manner of bandit r%*e.
Door sharing is already been done on Rust mods using a /share command and it works brilliantly. I don’t get why they can’t just add it into the game itsself.

Because garry hates chat commands like that and is specifically out to exclude them from Rust as much as possible.

Also, if you’re that worried about getting into your base fast, leave the door unlocked behind you (assuming it’s lockable from the inside) or make sure you’ve got a friend inside to let you in fast.

How fast can you get into your RL house if a naked serial killer with a shotgun was 50 feet away and at a full sprint after you?

Err, that’s sort of how keys work.

If someone has the key to your door, they can get in.

How fast can you construct a fully functional pipe shotgun using nothing but fragments of metal and some wood? Certainly not as fast as you can do it in game.
Rust doesn’t have to be uber realistic or anything. Here’s the way I see it

Whitelist doors with UI > chat share doors > combo locks > keys > current system

The thing about combo locks is that the chat system currently in place on modded servers will always be superior. No one is going to prefer combo lock vanilla servers over whitelist because they will just plain suck.

Well, fuck, we’d better abandon every idea that isn’t already in the Modding forum, then. :v:

Mods can do whatever they want. garry’s developing Rust itself.

I hate the chat system. I can’t remove people or add them if they’re offline. At least a combo lock is actually within my control and not whenever everyone is online. Also, I would presume that each door can have a separate combination or at least that this could be added, which would INFINITELY trump the doorsharing feature considering I could let people into my house without giving them complete access to my loot. The door share mod is and has always been a band-aid to hold us over for a real solution.

I hope that a combo lock is on a per door basis and not just one combination per player, else it won’t be as useful as it could be. Hopefully we can make normal metal doors without combinations, as well, or toggle the need to enter a combination, so you can dart in and out of doors to retreat safely when under attack.

I kinda assumed by ‘combo’ they meant a combination of different people.

I’m assuming - perhaps incorrectly - that once you have entered the correct code on a combo door, you will be able to open and close the door as if it were a normal door of your own unless the combo for that door is changed.

It would, essentially, work as a white-list system without the artificial feeling of a white-list system.

Like I said, I might be wrong, and we’re in for a lot of pain, getting killed while we battle our own security systems.

I hope so, I couldn’t imagine why they would force us to enter the combination every time but nevertheless I worry.

i think the best way is to make the key similar to the blueprints.
you use it then it disappear and you can open the door normally as if it was yours.
but only the guy who made the door can make a key for it.

On Germany dev 1 server when you own the door you can get in and out as you wish and you can set a code for your friends
Your friends can enter your house when they have the code

Get the fuck outta town.