Combo (Secure) lock hacker?

I am playing on a server and I had 5 metal doors each with a secure lock and 3 diff combos (2 random and one a random date) one guy (Poison) broke in and after what seemed like 20-30 tries he was in and did that for each door.

rumor has it there is a door combo hack out there. any ideas?

If there was a “door combo hack” why would he need 20-30 tries?

Maybe he just guessed your codes, some people get really good at approximating/cracking locker and combo lock combinations.

If it worked like a brute force hack then it would take time to cycle through the various number combos, but sounds like this might have guessed them? Maybe he’s a cryptographer?

that would be a patient person. he must have a list of standards. etc. I was just wowed by someone coming into my friend door.

another reason for a timer/time out like my Computer and iPhone do. 5 second, 15, 30, 1m, 3m,5m,15m, 30m, 60m. that would REALLY help out 4 numbers is not going to be hard to eventually figure out

There are 10,000 different combinations one could make with a four digit code. To guess it correctly the first time would be a .01% chance of success. If the OP used different combinations for each lock the probability the person breaking into his place is so ridiculously low. It’s the same chance that someone has to guess your debit card pin number. Now that person has to guess 3 different pin numbers.

I’m sure there are plenty of sites that can generated all the possibilities in a four digit code. With it taking 2-3 seconds to input each code. It would take a MAXIMUM 30,000 seconds (8+hrs) to break in putting the codes in manually.

Unless txiah didn’t use numbers like 0000 or 1234, it doesn’t take skill.

I did not use common numbers but I did for 3 internal doors because a friend was staying in my house. he guessed that one. it was a year in the 90s. I don’t normally use and it was not associated with my or a catchy song like “1999”.

he never did get into my secure room, so I can still get into my house to a safe room full of loot and armored - but they put a barricade in front of it - grr.

I learned and will move on. just making sure there is no hack out there that anyone knows about

There was this thread on reddit and it sounded like this was/is a possible issue :frowning:

I researched and found the top 100 4 digit pins and combos and I have used it on 5 places and got into 2 of them after about 40 attempts. so its possible.
People stop using birth years!