"Come AnD Drink ComRade!" -Russians celebrating a victory against the Germans


Who knew listening to all that screaming and moaning from RO2 would help.

I’m having a hard time understanding whatever is happening in the picture

dynamic lighting is supposed to make seeing things EASIER you know

well obviously the Red Army took this opportunity to rehearse their “fish out of water” comedy routine and are flopping around on the battlefield, entertaining the German on the right so much that he grabbed a partner and began to partake in a hearty jig

Definitely far far too red.


I see no celebrating here and it seems that German squadhybrids are slaughtering those russians.

Did I miss something?

or its just a bad picture but ok

May I suggest seeing a psychiatrist? This is pretty dark stuff man! haha

i’m glad you weren’t around when Fear57 was

THAT was some fucked up shit when it comes to GMod art; not only the pictures but the thoughts behind them too

That worries me, I thought this was pretty screwed up. But hey, we were all 13 year olds at one point. Puberty is going to hit this him like a fuckin brick wall! Lol

ATP is actually way over 13 yet he listens to the groans of dying men for fun then posts about it here

i’d be worried

ATP is like 16 iirc :v:

He’s just a massive try-hard and extremely edgy.

ATP slit his puberty’s throat and then listened to it gurgle