"Come and get me Mister Spy, i am waiting for you..." - The Badass Scout


Click on the picture or here to enjoy it in xtra high resolution. :3


Was bored and decided to get Ambient Occlusion working on Gmod.

it would sound more like

“hey spy, i’m talkin-a you. yeah. you. come an’ get me, tough guy. i’m waitin’ for ya. bonk.”

What’s Ambient occlusion? Also, a link to that font would be quite nice, my good sir.

And oh yeah, sweet.

Would not be THAT badass… :v:

To Zeraxify => name of the font is “Brushed”, DLed on Dafont.
Also : http://lmgtfy.com/?q=ambient+occlusion

Why does it sound like the Scout is coming on to him?
Eh, what ever. Good pose otherwise.

i supposed you haven’t noticed that tf2 is rife with gay undertones


Wording needs work, but otherwise it looks good for an epic-style comic.

Hmmh, interesting. Actually artistic instead of funny, on TF2. Good job on that.

Good posing, good editing and all, but like so often, a bit too dark for my taste.