Come and Join Tallios Server

Greetings all, Looking for a good stable west coast server?

I have a west coast server that is looking to expand it’s population. We have 25 active members and a great and friendly community. Looking for people who like a little friendly competition, and maybe some additional challenges.

Hope to see you around there! net.connect

Server Admin is Tallios, If you have any questions comments or concerns. Message me or post on the Server Group Board.

Rust ++ Functions Enabled

/share “playername” (shares your doors with a player)
/unshare “playername” (unshares your doors with a player)
/help (Shows commands)
/pm “playername” “message” (private messages a player. MUST BE USED IN QUOTES)
/history (Shows chat history, last 6 messages by default)
/players (Shows online players)
/location (Shows the coordinates of the player)
/ping (shows latency between client and server)
/starter (gives a starter bonus, usable once an hour)

For news and information please Join:

Looking for more hero’s and villains.