Come and play "Combine vs Rebels" ^^

hi there guys… i will invite all of you to play on my server ^^, we are playing the fretta based gamemode “Rebels vs Combine”, by Rambo_6, Worshipper, dime, Dr. Dare, Svendbenno, Hlfdead.

here is a link to the gamemode itself -
we will be playing on one of my own maps called gm_combinesimpel download link -
server IP - - this is the new one ^^
feel free to join, and have fun ^^

INFO - the server is now running, and sorry for the bad IP yesterday :S

You do realise that your IP isn’t
(Unless your on hamachi)

Even on Hamachi, it’d be 5.x.x.x

So I mean this guy is clearly an idiot.

Is that a LAN IP?..

What has the world come to.

Just incase OP snips so everyone can see his dumbness