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Hey Guys its me, Brotherhood. Ya, I really need help on this. Every single model from Half-Life 2 Episode 1 (or prop) are missing their textures. The Citidal, the hospital, everything. Please help me. I also posted a thing about the animations are not there on Ep1 and 2. So help me on that too please. Bye!

1: Check if all the other games are properly installed.
2: Right Click Steam - Games - Right click garry’s mod - Properties - Local (Data or file) - ChacheFiles
3: Reboot pc
4: Reinstall all games or Garry’s mod ?

Go to expansions and Check Half-Life 2:Episode One

I did for god sakes, but nothign still happends, also I did defrag garry’s mod, reinstalled Gmod, Hl2Ep1, and now its still this crap. Please help!

Don’t get mad at us; we’re not around just to help you, or anyone.

Link to steam profile?

Yarr I bet he be a :pirate:

This is the fixed version of the link under his avatar

Clean install gmod. If that doesnt work, clean install ep1. Then try re-downloading all the games. If all this fails, contact their support.

Nice…come over and see when I “bought” my game hmm? I bought the game and being a pirate is for dumbasses who cannot afford or even use their time to buy the game. It took my a couple of months and now I got it. I am just confused -.-

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ALso, how do I change my avatar?

what avatar? if you think of this avatar you have here then pls do change it bcs that Bgay needs to die seriously…

About your problem, reinstall Gmod and the games and you will be ok. I had problems with my G.mod as well and I recently found out that actually my PC is shit and doesn’t run G.mod bcs if fucking updated to newer PCs etc. So if you have a slow can then try to buy a new one…
& yes, I am mad, (not at you tho)

lolol This is a really good kind of laptop. It works REALLY good with games because…lol its made for games. Graphics, sound, music, shit=great. But it may have flaws with a few but it is easily fixable

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Its only half-life 2 Episode 1. No other games.