"Come at me Bro" Bill fighting a Tank with a Machete

Bread Music

while having Alzheimers
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C&C, Comments are appreciated you are all awesome love you guys

Posing is pretty weird but I like the way the green light saturates Bill’s coat and contrasts with the background.

Background is nicely composed although the character is a little too central.

Dem colors blew my mind, have a Winner. Though, I’m not sure if it’s a “Come at me Bro” pose :confused:

Lighting is awesome, and Chesty is right, the subject is to central. I do like the idea and the title.

Yeah theres a bit of wasted space on the right, silly me. Regarding the posing, I wanted to give more action to it making it look like Bill is actually moving so heh I guess it looks a bit weird!
Thanks for the critism!

Forgot to add bread music

It’s pretty and all but your pictures are all so similar I’m starting to get deja-vu (fuck spelling it with the proper accents) every time you post a new picture.

But this one has more stuff going on, I dont think it matters if its L4D or some other genre or not?

Um, it’s awesome but it’s yet another fucking L4D pose of yours. Can we PLEASE have a new subject? You’re wasting your talent only doing repetitive poses on one subject.

Suggest something? I know its pretty cheap to ask for that but I dont know what to do.

Other video game series. Don’t tell me L4D is the ONLY series you like?! (OR PLAY, because if it is, that’s pretty sad)

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I mean, you must like Half Life if your username is The Combine, right?

Haha the zombie in the background.

“Bread music” made me chuckle.
About the pic.

His left hand ruins the picture for me. I don’t know why. The angle of it is just disturbing.


Actually I hate the HL2 series!
Thanks for commenting.

I’m sorry for assuming that, I just thought that you would have your username as something you like.

No need to be sorry heh.

Lovely lighting
Nice editing made Bill looks so realistic.

I’m loving the lighting on Bills face and the lighting in general. There probably could be more going on in terms of hacking and slashing to make things more interesting, but generally, its a very nice looking pic!

Heh thanks broski, why did you went offline?

Had to leave for a while dude. Back now though, well sorta. Can’t stop playing Dead Rising 2. :buddy: