Come code SGTrp with us!

Coders For…


You wanna be part of a Great community?
You wanna be somebody on a server with lotsa players?
Come code for the Gamers4Life Gaming Organization!
What you get:
Admin on 6 Servers in Total!
Forum Admin
Having much privileges towards other players!
Being rich on RolePlay!
Being Looked upon troughout the Entire Community!
Having a nice Rank and Tag in the Community :wink:
And more!

Come code for us, you can occasionally ask some money from now to now!
What we need coders for the most atm:

SGTrp V2,
Some of the Features are:
Stargate Based Roleplay
Gift Option
War Timer
Backpacks and Inventory
Own Prop Protection
Own Restriction tool.
And much, much more.

If you are interested please PM me on Facepunch!
(You will receive a full list of Features if you want to come aboard)


Q: When is the Admin Applied?
A: As soon as you started coding!

Q: When could I receive some money for my good will and coding?
A: After you gave us a nice piece of code thats worthy enough to be payed for!

Q: I can code for you, just $15 a hour!
A: Yea sure, then work extra slow and finish it in a hour or 8, No deal mate.

Q: I wanna help but I can’t code! Is there anything else I can do?
A: Yes ofcourse! We always need Coders in other Languages like PHP or HTML, also we need Mappers and Modelers!

Q: When I make some Maps or code some PHP, how much money will I get?
A: We mostly don’t pay for Mappers and PHP coders, but if you do a really good job, there may always be a little present for you!

Q: I made the RP what you asked me to, Now please give me my Money then Ill hand it over!
A: Yea Sure, Making a picture or two on a false thing? No chance mate. After your finished you can Hand it over to receive what you want after some testing!

Contact: Forums or
(Or a Facepunch PM)

Thank You.

Too bad I cant code anything apart from Expression2! I was on V1 of SGTrp and its so awesome D:

Personally I never like coding for people who do not have any trust in myself.

I do thrust almost anybody! Otherwise I won’t give admin right away when you start coding, now would I? Its just the matter of fact that you have to be careful these days because you get ALOT of fakers, that just want to get the money and run off.

yeah i know the feeling,i once got scammed by a PHP coder who asked for money up front then just fucked off,However i managed to get him to open a program that planted a backdoor in his comp when he started coding so when he said “You just got scammed” i said “You just got fucked”

Grabbed his IP from my server logs and Wrote 1’s to one side of his HDD and 0’s to the other with the backdoor(Well i programmed it to do it while he would be at work/school/whereever as it was programmed to run after 1 hour of inactive)

Thats exactly what I mean, they scam you more and more these days.

What sort of money are we talking?

I don’t wanna get thrusted :ohdear:



Rated funny.

I would defiantly see this coming. Seeing how busy v1 is.
I myself have played v1 many times. it’s great.
Too bad i don’t have enough skills to do it. Hope some one wants to take this on.

I would like to but I dont feel like meeting the requirments :3 (I made my own Rp script by now. But still!)

can i be the ideas guy

If you make the gamemode for him, let him join your server and play it so he has to give you a down payment before you hand it over.

Yeah… not very big on the whole “Give me the script first” thing… As well as how you would only pay us for what you decide is worthy. Meaning I could write some massive epic script(I most likely would not) and then give it to you, and you could then say, “I don’t think this is good enough”. So… moving along now.

Ok, the keys to making a private script:

#1: Get the money first
#2: Make 20 back doors only for your access so you can crash it or get into the database if the owner fucks you over.

I love SGTrp!! ;DD

Too bad i cant help ;-(

mastermind, pm me with the server ip!! ;DD

The IP is and it is nearly always populated!
Sometimes we get 15+ players

The ones you pay with in stores and on the Interwebs…

Sure, we always need more Ideas, PM me your steam name so I can add you and give you the full list :slight_smile:

We want to receive the code to test it and look at it before payment.
Then you will ofcourse think that Ima ditch you, but to prevent that I give people admin right away after they started coding. As a sign I want let you down, and that I hope you wont let me down either. Also why would I ditch you? We very well might need you later for Updates!

Look at the answer above. Also not worthy of pay is:
-Only Commands, No derma and only 30% of the things we wanted.
Worthy for pay is:
-Almost all we wanted, a Nice derma and Good looking.

Also you shouldn’t code just for the money, I don’t like those people, code to be part of a nice community, to do some good, to create something people will have fun with. Just keep the money you may very well receive in the back of your head. :slight_smile:

Look at the answer above.

I don’t code for people more sarcastic than myself.

Thanks, but I think I’d prefer to work for someone who’s not a complete asshole to any prospective employees.