Come here little robo, don't you be afraid.

*Hey, hey! Dont be afraid… I am not going to harm you my little metallic friend. I believe neither you will
We could be a friends, at least I would like to be…

Come, lets get somewhere safe, where noone will hurt you*[/t]
Wihout dog.


I know that top is empty, sorry about that. I don’t have a fancy photoshop or any free app on comp to cut it off… Alright! I am lazy.
I made this picture just to test out shadows and other stuff, but then ended up doing tiny scene and here you go.

where did you get the model? I’ve never seen that.

Its from 5th or 6th Resident evil. Can’t say who of these two.

was hoping for a tiny toaster sized robot being beckoned to someone

only to fold out a small turret and yell in an ominous voice ‘TARGET ACQUIRED