"Come here, you sweatshirt wearing wuss" Zoey awaiting a hunter

This time less monocolor!
Point out dem flaws please :buddy:


I’d say the hunter has too much blur on him. Had trouble spotting him against the dark background.

Made him brighter.
Anything else?

At first I was like “What hunter?” but then I saw him.

Good, but still i can’t really see the hunter.

He still looks like a part of the background imo

Zoey would never say wuss. Also her expression is ambitious instead of angry and she is holding the handle wrong.

Yeah, I seemed to fuck up the lighting on the hunter.
Oh well, try harder next time.

you overblur stuff still.
stop it :frowning:

A woman who looks happy with a chainsaw in her hands are to be fucked with. This I firmly believe.

Nice job despite to much blur. Light is awesome as always. Also very good posing.

you have shit replies still.
stop it :frowning:

Much much better color wise.

Zoey is wearing a sweatshirt.



The way Zoey is holding the chainsaw looks very awkward and unnatural.

That Hunter be fucked.


The only flaw is that the Hunter is too blurry, but I can see what you were going for.

faceposing needs work. more eyebrows and overall more exaggeration. She doesn’t seem to have that intense look in her eyes

Heh, still getting the hang out of this.
Thanks for all your comments! :buddy:

Alright. Not until she at least have put down the chain saw.