Come hop in my server! [US West]NoobFriendly|PvP/Sleepers NO ADMIN ABUSE/GRIEFING

How to join : Type press F1 at the server browser, type “net.connect”

We’re committed to absolutely NO ADMIN ABUSE! So I’m confident your experience on our server will be very pleasant.
We’re a fresh server but we already have quite a steady population.
If you have any problems on my server, or connecting to it, feel free to add me on steam at “Mr.Shermin”
I’m also actively looking for MATURE admins at all times, people that are both knowledgable with the game and friendly to others.

Very nice server. The players are friendly (unless you don’t want them to be). No admin abuse goes on here, nor does hacking take place.

Thank you for checking us out. Tell all of your friends and help us get up and running with a big player base =)

Server is down now. Was about to start building :frowning:

Yeah, it’s the server host. There’s quite a few servers that are down at the moment.

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Servers are back up and running

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Come join on in! =D

And we are back finally!

What is your stance on Wipes? How Often?