Come join our new aussie server. (AUS)PvP No resets C&C gaming.. click for more info :)

would like to welcome any new/experienced players to come join our Brand New Aussie server we Just opened… (AUS)PvP No resets C&C gaming … we are happy to answer any questions you have in game about what you need to do/how to do it. to get started in this game and survive your first night. :slight_smile: we also have a good amount of people on the server happy to answer any questions you ask also as we are all learning and all happy to pass on our knowledge.

we also (as long as an admin is online) will teleport you to your friends so you can start your adventures together. And not have to spend hours trying to figure out were they are :stuck_out_tongue:

we currently have 2 admins DexterMorgan and Judgedredd.

the server is 200 capacity.
we DON’T do server wipes so there is no risk of your buildings not being there when you log on the next day (unless you dont repair the decay on your building) or if its out of our control (aka game patch/server updates).
we also have sleeper turned off so this means when you log off you cant be killed so keep your most valuable items on you when you logoff for the night and they will be safe from potential thieves. :slight_smile:

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