Come Join Us! US East Coast Official PVP

Hello fellow Rusters! We are happy to announce the birth of our Rust server… It’s name is " US East Coast Official PVP " This is our unofficial, official name, We could use your guy’s help naming it!

We are modifying the game to make it a bit more interesting, and we do hope that you enjoy it. If you have suggestions for the server, please contact ZehDjFortify or Dawaffles.

Unofficial Changelog:
*Increased from ONE drop a day to, two to three
*Randomly Generated Chests with loot in them

Anyway, on to the server:
The server Owners: ZehDjFortify

Server Features:
World Wide - A.U.|E.U.|U.S.|F.R.
Yes, it is a semi-global server! So now ALL your friends can play on it and have much fun,
instead of one lagging really badly and you are playing normally :slight_smile:

We have added randomly generated chests which can have building supplies, weapons, food, medicine and much more.
We’ve added this in order to keep the player occupied as a new spawn, instead of getting wood and such, you can do a hunt for these
chests which will definitely pay off once you find one.

24/7 Uptime with ONCE a day restarts…

For the players convenience, we’ve added a sort of “Compensation” policy…
No it doesn’t mean go and ask for things claiming you lost it, it means that if you had something which you lost due to a glitch such as
falling through the ground, we will spawn SOME items back, we will NOT spawn C4, Grenades, Pickaxes, Large Medkits, Metal Building Supplies, etc…

If you invite up to TWO friends, and they join and continue to play on our server for a total of four hours (In intervals or at one sitting) you will get rewarded
(along with your two friends) with any ONE of these items of your choice: 2 C4, 3 Grenades, 1 P250 w/ 16 9mm Rounds, 25 Cooked Chicken Breast, 2 Wooden Foundations w/ 1 metal door/1 wooden door/ 4 walls/ & 4 pillars.

If you like our server and think you’re up for the task of being an administrator, please contact ZehDjFortify; NO ONE ELSE.

Note: To become and admin you MUST be active in the community, playtime does count. | This is a “Draft” of the actual summary of the server, IT WILL BE CHANGED DRASTICALLY…


Hello. My Steam name is Sandro and I got banned from the US East Coast PvP Server after a restart. People were saying stuff like “server restarting XX” over VOIP and I chimed in like a dummy because the server had just crashed or reset. I shouldn’t have said it in chat and then I got banned. All of my friends are on this server and I have built up a tower with my clan and would really please like to continue playing with them. :\ I shouldn’t have said anything and joined the crowd. I just got the game and didn’t know chat was that serious. The game has been super fun and I’ve gotten like 40 hours played in the last 3 days. It’s been so fun, and I would really please like to be unbanned. It’s the only stress relief I have after getting home from work every night. Please can you let me back onto the US East Coast PvP Server?? Again, my steam tag is Sandro. Or it might show up as sandrovalle89. Hope to hear back asap. Thanks.