"Come on Fritz! Open up on 'em already!"

Felt like posing something from WaW.
Damn these RnL models are a bitch to pose.

It seems that zombies favour caps than helmets.

This is the Gestapo, they think they’re to badass.

the german is saying: ‘but i dun got bulletz’

So the nazizombies survived bloo’s hddcrash?

yeah maby he just sayed that for shits and giggles and he dousnt want to relese them for 1 year or maby some one re ported the zombies

Yeah, something fishy is going on here.

did you put the muzzleflash layer above the rain layer? it looks horrible.

oh sorry i made fryed fish u want some?

lol zombie nazis

“Heninrich! Why aren’t you firing!?”

i dont have ammo

“That’s no excuse! Use your shoes!”

but meh feet will get dirty!

The Gestapo were secret police; they didn’t have a uniform.

As for the picture:
I love the concept. It’s a great idea having the German and the Yank together. Shame about the posing but I don’t really blame you because those models suck ass for posing. Oh yeah the muzzleflash sucks too. Rain is nice though and the blood is good.

offtop I was going to say that myself, you stole my thoughts…( offtop

I like the picture. But some of the zombies are strangely posed, and that muzzleflash is not great.

I remember that our gestapo had just a trenchcoat and a hat.

No they’re Gestapo in military disguise. Very cunning the Gestapo.

Nope, the muzzleflash is under it, just doesn’t look like it though.

You two MAGGOTS better shut it if you ever want to see that map pack 2 content! For your information, it just came out. So shut it MAGGOTS!


You tell em!