come on have a heart

I don’t see any fingerposing on anyone except the officer, the guy with the MP44’s hands are clipping through it and he’s not holding it, and the guy with the MP40 isn’t even aiming at him, or holding his gun very tightly.

Angle could be improved, too.

Oh, it’s you again.

don’t start

This pretty much. You haven’t improved, at all. The posing just looks all around bad. Not natural.

Matt, i swear to god, if you dont improve, you WILL be permad eventually for trolling, jesus christ, do you even Try!?

It might have looked fine if you actually put some effort into it. Although what do i know, maybe that posing is utterly overused here :v:

I just got here through the ticker :downs:

If you would’ve at least fingerposed them…

Matt, theres those tools for a reason you know.


This is terrible.

Why did you even bother coming back?

I feel like remaking this pose, ive never redone someones pose before i just want to make sure so i dont get banned for “stealing”

It doesn’t matter if it’s CTP:Matt.

You could have your way with his family, (ie: killing & rape), and the cops would give you a medal.

looks like rubbish, learn to pose before you bother posting anything ever again

I came in here expecting an epic reference to the movie Dreamscape.
I was rather disappointed.